Why Corner.pk?

It’s no longer about online or offline shopping.

Online and offline shopping is converging.
With a physical shop, you are in the best position to provide customers with a great shopping experience.

Have a physical shop? Great!

Contrary to reports predicting the demise of shops, shops are here to stay.

Your shop is an advantage you have over purely online retailers, and Corner.pk is the perfect complement to your physical store.

Reach more customers

You can no longer afford to ignore online and mobile. Join Corner.pk and be where your customers are, whatever device they are on.

Protect your brand

Unlike other marketplaces, you will never find yourself selling alongside cheap and inferior knockoffs.

Corner.pk screens merchants thoroughly, hence making sure you’re selling alongside other high quality and reputable shops only.

We help you succeed

By sharing detailed customer insights with you, you’re better able to understand your customers and offer better service.

Easy to use admin panel

Use our simple and intuitive online merchant admin panel to manage inventory, fulfill orders, and manage your online shopfront.


Corner.pk is. made to make eCommerce trust worthy and easy. We take all the pain of fake products.

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