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<h2>Terms of service</h2>

<p>This agreement highlights the details of the terms and conditions in accordance with which the website will provide services to the users. The website holds the right to update the agreement or make any amendments. In this case, the website will notify the users through written notice. The user holds the right to disagree with any changes made by the website through a termination notice.</p>

<h3>The contract for the user</h3>

<p>The user holds ownership of their personal accounts once all the necessary information has been provided. After agreeing to this statement, the user and the website are both bound to follow the provisions of this contract. If any party breaches the terms and conditions of the agreement they will be penalized.</p>

<p>The user holds the authority to share their information and account details with four “Authorized Users” to operate their accounts on their behalf. Any individual who is able to provide accurate details of the account will be allowed to use and operate the user account, in which case the website will not be responsible. The website may also allow access of the account to any individual who may provide the last four digits of the user’s credit card (that is charged for the website fees).</p>

<p>The website will not be responsible for any damages or costs that are incurred as a result of using the account. The company will not claim responsibility for any transactions, illegal use, loss, or any form of liability regarding the account. The website will not bear any responsibility if authorized users use the accounts without the owner’s permission. In case of any violation or breach of the agreement, the account holder will be penalized. The user will be responsible for maintaining their privacy and confidentiality which includes sharing of information, sharing of passwords or access codes. The user will also be responsible for ensuring that the authorized users do not misuse the account.</p>

<h3>Use of services</h3>

<p>The website may demand personal information about the user to create the account. The website will not misuse the user’s information for any other purpose other than the intended purpose mentioned. The website may require the information to be confirmed from time to time.</p>

<p>An “End of Life” closure will not be a breach of the agreement.</p>

<p>The website does not guarantee a backup in case if the data is not stored properly by the user.</p>

<p>The website holds the right to re-use the feedback provided to the user for any other product or service.</p>


<p>In case of the expiration of the “Initial term”, the website will provide a “Renewal term” agreement to which if the user does not agree within 30 days, it will be considered terminated.</p>

<p>Both the parties i.e. the user and the website holds the right to terminate the agreement at any time in case of disagreement with any clause.<br>The website does not bear responsibility for the loss of any content that occurs after the termination of agreements.</p>

<p>The company testifies that it uses “—– Ordinance for year _____”. The digital signature will be thereby accepted as the consent of the user. Please refer to the “Duties and rights” section here, to be more familiar with electronic signature and company policy.</p>

<h2>The company</h2>

<p>Corner.pk is a registered online market that allows buyers and sellers to carry out business and transactions through the forum. The site can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and other function-able devices.</p>

<p>The site is owned and operated by:</p>

<p>Registration number:</p>

<p>The website holds the right to make any changes or amendments in the agreement. If the user does not agree with any clause then they may choose not to sign the agreement.</p>


<h3>Rights to use personal account</h3>

<ul><li>The user is required to create an account with the website that may involve personal information.</li><li>The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password, under cases of breach and misuse of the account, the website will not be held liable. The user is to contact the support department immediately if the account is being used by an unauthorized source.</li><li>The user agrees that all the details provided in the information are accurate and the user is fully responsible for any wrong or misleading part of data in the account.</li><li>The site holds the right to terminate or deny access to accounts with or without notices.</li><li>The user agrees to comply with the site and change their password from time to time for protection.</li><li>The user agrees to present identification and verification to the site from time to time for protection.</li><li>The users hold the right to cancel an order any time before the order is dispatched. However, the order cannot be canceled after dispatching.</li></ul>

<h3>Payment methods</h3>

<ul><li>The mediums of transfer of payment are established and provided by independent service providers, the website plays no role in the procedure in which the payments are transferred.</li><li>The contract of payment is strictly between the users and the service providers.</li><li>The deal regarding the prices and payment of the products is a contract that is only done between two parties i.e. the user and the manufacturer, the website cannot be held liable for any issues in prices.</li></ul>

<h3>Rights to use the website</h3>

<ul><li>The user agrees that they are of age 18+ for the website to be accessed.</li><li>The user testifies that the site is a platform to assist online marketing where products are purchased and sold. The user agrees that the website only plays the role of a facilitator and should not be involved in the manufacturing of the products.</li><li>The website aims to provide easy access to the server without any interruption of connection. The user may sometimes experience a service where the connection is broken. The website may also restrict access when the site is under construction or inclusion of additional services. The website holds the right to restrict access for the users without any notice.</li><li>The website administers the right to provide a valid license to the users for accessing the website for all times.</li><li>No user will be permitted to create more than one account on the website.</li><li>The user should immediately stop using the site if this agreement is disagreeable.</li><li>Any breach of the elements in the agreement will result in immediate dismissal of the user’s account.</li><li>The content and information provided on the website are subject to change, including; prices, quantity, stock, availability of products, features, product descriptions, product listings, etc, are the responsibility of the sellers and the website plays no role in it.</li><li>The website does not provide any guarantee of the information displayed about the products.</li><li>The website does not allow the user to download or misuse the cached information and text files.</li><li>The website will not be held accountable for any content sharing or views and opinions expressed on the webpage by other consumers and members of the public.</li><li>The website does not hold accountability for any use of data mining, robots, extraction tools, or any function in the process of data gathering.</li><li>The website does not allow any material or form of content on the site to be copied, copyrighted, trademarked, reproduced, sold, duplicated, distributed, visited, exploited, or used in any other form without the site’s written permission.</li><li>The website will not grant access to the site if the user refuses to agree and comply by the terms and conditions, policies, guidelines of the site.</li><li>The website can terminate the license of the user if they use the site for any illegal purpose.</li><li>The website may report a crime against the user if the user is found to be tempering or interfering with the server and protocol connections of the site.</li><li>The website can refuse and deny access to the user, in case the user wishes to access unauthorized control of the site.</li><li>The website may terminate the license and account of the user if they are found to be intruding upon the privacy of another user.</li><li>The website will deny access to any user who may found to be conducting fraud.</li></ul>

<h3>Property rights</h3>

<ul><li>The website owns the logo, graphics, headers, icons, designs, buttons, scripts, service name and other marks of Corner.pk and are claimed as their property. Thereby, the website does not allow the use of their sponsorship to any user or third party vendor.</li><li>All intellectual property, the website, software, photos, videos, graphic elements, music, sounds, arrangement and the basic layout of the website are subjected to change and repair.</li><li>The website does not take responsibility for the products and their vendors in any form.</li><li>The copyrights and ownership claims of the site are in accordance to the laws and legal bindings of Pakistani copyrights and international standard laws.</li></ul>


<p>The website also holds exclusive rights to their software. The website does not allow the users to transfer, rent, lease, sell, loan out, copy, distribute or plagiarize any part of the software for personal or for business purposes.<br>The website does not allow the software to be used for any illegal purposes.</p>


<ul><li>The user agrees that that they are using the services of the site at their own risk and thereby, the website will not be responsible for any failed transactions or quality of products.</li><li>The website will not be held liable for any action or behavior displayed by the seller or the third party vendors.</li><li>The website does not hold any responsibility for the warranty for the damage, quality, sustainability, performance, reliability, safety or price of the products.</li><li>The website will not engage in any dispute or settlement between the user and the vendors or sellers.</li><li>The website does not endorse or support any product on the website, neither should the website be held accountable for any damage or loss of products.</li><li>The website does not guarantee that the vendors will install, set up any devices that come with free installation offers.</li><li>No employee of the company shall be penalized or held responsible if the vendor or the suppliers fail to fulfill their claims.</li><li>The company does not support or affiliate with the third parties in any promotional activities of the products.</li><li>The website does not hold any responsibility for the claims the third party vendors make outside of the territory of the site, with the user.</li><li>The website will not be responsible for any damage or loss that is beyond the capacity or obligation of the company or does not fall under the legal duties and rights of the site.</li><li>The user understands that the website is a privately owned entity and functions to operate on business objectives and goals and will behave in ways that are profitable for the company.</li><li>The website condemns the use of the products from the site for any other purpose (of selling or commercializing) other than that of personal use.</li><li>The seller or vendor holds the right to cancel any order for conditions and terms that are separate than that of the website. Therefore, the website does not take any responsibility for the actions of the sellers and vendors.</li></ul>


<ul><li>All the prices are inclusive of “General Sales Tax”.</li><li>The prices may increase or decrease from the time an item is placed in the cart till it is purchased by the user.</li><li>For items that have been priced in subjugation to errors or misrepresentation, the website or the vendor will either contact the customer or hold the right to cancel the order.</li><li>The users will be informed through email or an SMS text if any product is unavailable.</li><li>For a refund or other policies please visit here.</li></ul>


Corner.pk is. made to make eCommerce trust worthy and easy. We take all the pain of fake products.

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