Corporate and Bulk Purchasing is a company dedicated to business organizations and general consumers. The company brings the best-featured products and an updated range of consumer goods on a national scale. The company aims to bring ease and convenience for users to become the largest provider of consumer products in Pakistan. Email us at [email protected]

Benefit for business organizations and enterprises

  • Round the clock availability of accounting and investment management and support
  • Solution for procurement needs in the form of a single window
  • Reliable safety and security solutions for returns within a week and credit transfer within a month.

Benefit for the employees

  • Encouragement for employees in the form of performance-based rewards
  • Credible installment plans for the employees for purchasing of goods
  • Packages and deals for employees on special events.

Benefit for the consumers

  • Meeting the demands of the consumers by promotions and marketing solutions
  • Rewarding the brand and company loyal consumers
  • Gift vouchers and gifts for customers.

The benefit of making purchasing in large quantities

  • You can save by paying lesser and in discount deals when purchasing in bulk packages.
  • The company provides reliable and trustworthy services that will efficiently deliver the goods once the order is placed.
  • The process of the transaction can be made more comfortable and convenient with the efforts of our team.
  • The online purchase deals make it easier for consumers to purchase electronic items and appliances without wasting time in touring the physical markets. The company takes complete responsibility for delivering the product without damage to your doorstep.
  • The company associated with efficient delivery services and shipping facilities to ensure safe delivery.
  • The company gives out gift cards to both employees as well as consumers ranging from Rs. _____ to _____. is. made to make eCommerce trust worthy and easy. We take all the pain of fake products.

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