We believe that authenticity is key when it comes to online shopping and the perfect ambassadors are none other than brick and mortar shops. You can see them, know them, visit them, and question them whenever you like.

We aim to serve you by bringing products from these sellers to you.

You know they are real, you know you can trust them, and you don’t ever have to worry about your purchases not arriving at your doorstep.

Never ordinary, always a story.

We believe that each product is more than just a price tag.
Every product is made for a need, a desire or maybe just out of pure creativity.
Every product came from somewhere.
Every product has a story.

We understand the importance of making informed choices and therefore we aim to tell the story of our brands and where they came from. Find out about what you are buying before you buy them.

Our Merchant Partners

By understanding the trust and engagement that merchants of brick and mortar shops provide, we take it upon ourselves to be the bridge between them and you.
When you buy from us, you are essentially buying from the merchants themselves. It’s that simple.
What we provide for you would be the added convenience of receiving it at your doorstep with the click of a button.

We offer only the best

As customers ourselves, we enjoy the satisfaction of getting our hands on a quality buy. This is why we handpick the retailers and brands that sell on, to make sure that you get the best Singapore has to offer.

We are continually working to upsize our mall and bring on more trusted shops and brands every day for you.

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