In the case of the returned product, the support office is available for consumer assistance.

  • Contact: the customer should contact the support office to submit a “return request”.
  • Return form: each delivery includes a “return form” with the order. The customer should fill in the complete form.
  • Packing: the customer should then pack the parcel in the “original packaging” that was delivered to them. It should be ensured that the packing should return undamaged or else the claim will not be returned.
  • Labeling: the customer will also receive a “return label” with the delivery order. For return, the customer should cover the delivery label with the return label at the top of the packaging box.
  • Drop off: the last step is to drop the package to either a TCS location or hand over the package to our company’s pick-up service at a pre-decided location.

The consumer will receive a tracking number on their cellphones via SMS. This completes the process of returning.



Q 1:  What can I do if my product is not working?

Please Check the back of the product packaging for warranty. Contact the manufacturer for a refund or a claim.

Q 2: What can I do if the doesn’t fit me?

Sorry, clothing items are non-returnable.

Q 3: How long will it take for my product to be returned?

The product can be returned within 7 days. Once it reaches us, the replacement or refund will take between 5-13 days.

Q 4: How can I know whether my product is refundable or not?

Please read the conditions and terms of refund on this link.

Q 5: What can I do if I lose the return tracking number?

Contact us here. Or contact TCS here.

Q 6: Where can I talk to a member directly?

Contact us at email: and contact support here.

Q 7: What can I do if I receive a wrong item?

Contact us here and return it back by following the rules for return here.

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