By using this website the user accepts the disclaimer in full. The site holds the responsibility to change or modify any part of the agreement. The user reserves the right to agree or disagree with the changes. The main purpose of the affiliate disclosure is to inform the user about the financial earnings of the site. The company believes it is important that a relation of trust exists between the website and the users and therefore the company follows a clear policy of disclosing all information.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that functions on the promotion of any products or brand. The approach of marketing for products is done by hiring affiliates to endorse the products and make their use more convenient for the viewers. The main purpose of such a market is to increase the number of viewers and direct them to the sales site of the product. The endorsers are then awarded a part of the commission or a part of the purchase price when a product is sold. The endorsers include blogs, videos and many online sites and webpages that inform the user about a product.

FTC disclosure

The Federal State As per the rules of FTC all online sources and affiliate markets are entitled to disclosing and revealing the information about how they get paid. Sites that endorse products or services are paid by the developers to promote products and the website is liable to inform the users about the process of payment. It is illegal for sites to endorse products without informing the users about the modes of earning. The website thereby complies with the FTC rules and claims to stands by the statements made in the next section.


We are primarily funded and operated by TechAbout Private Limited, a software company in Pakistan. Further, The website does not promote any type of product or service that has not been tested or tried before. The site only promoted products that are beneficial for the users and adds value for the visitors.

  • The site earns when products or services are purchased through the affiliate links/in-house products, mentioned in the list of the website.
  • The company only earns a proportion of commission from the affiliate links or from its vendors.
  • This commission is only charged from the affiliate links and not the users for any purchases made.
  • The commission is not charged from the customer’s purchase price (the price paid by the customer is exclusive of any commission or affiliate charges).
  • The website only earns through referral fees.

The website will not be able to view or gain access to the customer’s personal data including; name, email, address, credit card or any form of information. Only the date and time of the purchase, and the name of the product will be visible to the website.

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